The Renault Trezor wins French prize of most beautiful concept car of 2016


The French have a gift for elegance and beauty. And we must admit that the Renault styling department is going from strength to strength lately.  The 32nd Festival Automobile International at the Hôtel des Invalides in Paris, France, has singled out on January 31st the Renault TREZOR as the most beautiful concept car of 2016.

“I would like to thank the jury for this award which will inspire us to pursue our design strategy,” says Laurens van den Acker, SVP Corporate Design, Renault. “The TREZOR’s powerful, sensuous lines pave the way for the styling and technologies that will be features of our upcoming models. It also marks the beginning of a new cycle of Renault concept cars which will be revealed soon.”


“The jury decided this award should go to the TREZOR because of the extreme beauty, sensuality and elegance it exudes,” observes Rémi Depoix, President of the Festival Automobile International. “It is the epitome of a concept car and we were notably won over by the cohesion of its overall design and the attention that has been paid to the details. It is a fine creative work which, we hope, will inspire Renault’s future roadgoing models.”


A harbinger of the styling language of future Renaults

The lines of the Renault TREZOR are warm, sensuous and refined, while its assertive front end incorporates signature C-shaped lights. In terms of their styling, Renault’s upcoming models will draw their inspiration from the TREZOR’s DNA as their forms become even more fluid and mature.

The TREZOR’s interior design, meanwhile, places the emphasis on driving enjoyment and features a large enveloping touchscreen display that reinforces the cockpit feel. This customisable, connected interface juxtaposes warming, prestige materials like wood and leather. The interiors of upcoming Renault models will take their inspiration from these increasingly refined styling trends and connected technologies.


For the duration of this year’s Festival International de l’Automobile, the Renault TREZOR will be on display at the Hôtel des Invalides alongside other concept cars selected by the jury.You will have to hurry though: this display will be open to the public from February 1-5, 2017. For further information, go to

In the meantime, just have a look at this beauty…

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VW at CES Las Vegas: Your profile travels with you in any VW you drive…

DB2016AL02264_small (1)_edited

Experiencing your personal digital world in a vehicle is made possible by VW at the latest CES.

In the future, your own profile and preferences will always be with you – regardless of which Volkswagen model you’re driving.  Volkswagen presents the next milestone in ease of use Visionary I.D. electric car being shown for first time in the USA.

We just tell you here somewhat more about Volkswagen’s show highlights…just read on!

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Audi shows at 2017 CES piloted driving with artificial intelligence…

Audi Q7 Piloted Driving Concept
Audi Q7 Piloted Driving Concept

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a key technology for piloted driving – that’s why Audi and strong partners from the electronics industry are jointly developing game-changing know-how in the field of machine learning. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas Audi is presenting the Audi Q7 deep learning concept, a piloted driving car made possible thanks to collaboration with NVIDIA.

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Mercedes-Benz “Fit & Healthy” at CES in Las Vegas: Comfort is becoming even more intelligent

Mercedes-Benz Fit & Healthy steht für Komfort, Sicherheit und Vitalität. Damit fördert das Fahrzeug der Zukunft stärker als je zuvor das Wohlbefinden seiner Passagiere im Auto und mit Mercedes me auch darüber hinaus. (englische Version) ; Mercedes-Benz Fit & Healthy stands for comfort, safety, and vitality. Therefore, the car of the future promotes the health of its passengers more vigorously than ever before while in the car and also beyond the car, with Mercedes me.;

Mercedes-Benz Fit & Healthy stands for comfort, safety, and vitality. Therefore, the car of the future promotes the health of its passengers more vigorously than ever before while in the car and also beyond the car, with Mercedes me.

Mercedes-Benz vehicles of tomorrow will enhance the fitness and well-being of their passengers in an even more individualised way while offering worlds of experience for all the senses. In connection with Mercedes me, Mercedes-Benz is also planning a holistic ecosystem to assist the user with an active and healthy lifestyle also when away from the vehicle.

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New strategy, new culture: Mercedes-Benz Vans at CES in Las Vegas

Mercedes-Benz Vision Van - Exterior ; Mercedes-Benz Vision Van - Exterior;

Mercedes-Benz Vans exhibits for the first time at this year’s CES in Las Vegas. The presence at the Consumer Electronics Show underpins Mercedes-Benz Vans’ transformation into a supplier of holistic system solutions for the transport sector – a process initiated by the van manufacturer’s strategic future initiative adVANce. Mercedes-Benz Vans’ exhibits at CES include the van study “Vision Van”, which was presented to the public for the first time in September 2016.

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BMW at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas: shaping the future of mobility…

Fusion x64 TIFF File

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017, taking place in Las Vegas on 5 – 8 January 2017, BMW reveals a vision of an interior whose architecture and user interface are extensively adapted for fully automated driving on board a vehicle that is seamlessly integrated into the driver’s digital life.


BMW is also showcasing the potential of connected mobility with demonstration drives in a prototype based on the new BMW 5 Series Sedan. Drivers experience innovative digital services underpinned by BMW Connected and the flexible Open Mobility Cloud platform.

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Renault Group shows innovative mobility solutions at the Las Vegas CES 2017…together with partners


Following our report about the Nissan Futures Conference in Barcelona, we decide to report you regularly on what’s happening around the future of our automobiles, and mobility in general. The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is an interesting showcase of up to date vehicle electronics enhancing our mobility. We will take a closer look at what the major manufacturers have to offer, starting off here, in tune with our report about the Nissan conference, with the other member of the alliance, Renault…

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Four Groupe Renault strategic technology partners – OSVehicle, ARM, Pilot and Sensoria – will present exciting open-innovation and open-source projects at CES this week, illustrating new ways of thinking about mobility as technology meets transportation. With an open-approach to innovation, Renault and its partners are exploring the changing face of the automotive industry through early hardware and software modification, the addition of new, customizable features and aftermarket opportunities.

Also at CES will be Renault-Nissan Alliance Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn who will showcase in his Nissan keynote solutions, many developed as part of the Alliance converged engineering function and shared technology.



Based on Twizy, Renault has developed POM, a compact and lightweight electric vehicle with bodywork parts removed and an open-source automotive platform. Available to start-ups, independent laboratories, private customers and researchers, it allows third parties to copy and modify existing software to create a totally customizable electric vehicle.

In partnering with OSVehicle to develop an open-source platform readily accessible to the community, OSVehicle also provides on-demand design and engineering services for complete personalization.


OSVehicle is a B2B company that provides a ready-to-use hardware platform which enables companies to produce complete electric vehicles in half the time and ⅙ the cost. OSVehicle’s platform is the key functional parts of a car – the wheels, chassis, motor, electronics and battery. Focusing on the 600B USD market of specialty vehicles, OSVehicle’s open source, modular, electric vehicle platform allows new and existing car manufacturers to develop their own models saving up to two years of R&D and millions of dollars in investments. At the same time it is a reference platform for mobility startups to embed and develop their technology on, without having to re-invent the wheel or partner with existing car brands and wait years before deploying their products.


Bringing together a rich ecosystem of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and engineers, OSVehicle makes it easier to build, share, distribute and modify the hardware designs of electric vehicles.

Providing processor design technology powering more than 80 percent of mobile computing devices, Renault’s collaboration with ARM will open up the Twizy software and hardware architecture to allow new features, including interoperability with ARM®-based connected devices. The ARM ecosystem is scaling the ARM architecture to address a diverse range of automotive technology use cases in support of ADAS, IVI, autonomous driving, advanced cockpits and connected car.

ARM technology is at the heart of a computing and connectivity revolution that is transforming the way people live and businesses operate. From the unmissable to the invisible; our advanced, energy-efficient processor designs are enabling the intelligence in 90 billion silicon chips and securely powering products from the sensor to the smartphone to the supercomputer. With more than 1,000 technology partners including the world’s most famous business and consumer brands, we are driving ARM innovation into all areas compute is happening inside the chip, the network and the cloud. For further info, take a look at their website,


Visual fun when charging…

Renault and Pilot, a retail supplier of mobile electronics and automotive accessories are exploring aftermarket opportunities beyond the traditional automotive sphere. By combining Pilot’s Light Pulse Cable technology with Renault’s expertise in electric mobility, they’ve created the world’s first electroluminescent charging cable for electric vehicles.

Designed to connect an electric vehicle to its charging point, the cable indicates the existing charge level by illuminating and flashing on and off in proportion to electricity flow. The lower the charge level, the higher the current flow and the faster the flash rate of the exterior cable sheath. The flash rate will slow down as the battery charges, switching off completely when fully charged. This technology is inspired by a cable recently brought to market by Pilot for smartphones and tablets based on the same principle.


Delicate and controlled footwork for the weekend racing driver…

Combining more than a century of racing experience with an expertise in smart garments, including an intelligent T-shirt which records a driver’s heart rate, Renault and Sensoria are collaborating to develop sensitive socks to improve drivers’ footwork. The information gathered by the connected socks is transmitted to an app that records various parameters (speed, braking and acceleration), allowing racing car enthusiasts to assess their performance on the track.

Sensoria Inc. is a leading developer of IoMe (Internet of Me) wearables and artificial intelligence software solutions that improve people’s lives. Our proprietary textile sensors infused smart garments, Sensoria Core microelectronics and cloud system enable smart footwear and clothing to convert data into actionable information for health and fitness users in real-time. For further info, look at

As said, we wil keep you regularly informed about future technology and mobility news…

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Second Nissan Futures event focuses on autonomous driving and unveils bold uses for electric vehicle batteries…


Nissan had autonomous little robots running around in the Barcelona registration hall of the Futures event… 

We already reported extensively about the first Nissan Futures event in London, and Nissan came in Barcelona up with an encore: this time it revealed the results of Europe’s most comprehensive study into the social and economic impact of autonomous drive.


It amply showed how Nissan looks progressively into the future, and indeed Nissan has also further bold plans and applications of E-energy up its sleeve: Nissan and Eaton announced in expansion of their xStorage Home portfolio to include a range of six products, with pre-orders being opened in several European countries.


The conference was held in Nissan’s Barcelona factory premises…

There is still more: xStorage Home to be complemented by xStorage Buildings as Nissan, The Mobility House and Eaton prepare to power up Amsterdam ArenA with electric vehicle batteries…

We tell you here more about all this, just read further.

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Nissan sees the future electric car becoming your personal (home) powerhouse


The “smart” home power station according to Nissan: the Nissan Leaf is charged through solar energy generated on the roof of your house, gives its power to the home battery storage unit, and is also smartly connected to the national power grid…

The future will be bold, according to Nissan. Cars will not only connect for safe (self)driving or to keep you socially informed and entertained, they will also connect to your home power grid, take in energy when it is cheap and you don’t need it, and give it back when you ask for it.

Connected via your home to the national and European power grids, it functions as an energy provider, ironing out the peaks of demand for these power grid systems, which is very welcome indeed to avoid power disruption(s) and shortages. In this way it also alleviates the need for (very) large investments by the energy network companies to cope with the power demand surges…

We attended a very interesting conference in London, where Nissan steps into this energy “sharing” future, together with very promising and strong partners like energy providers Enel and the UK National Grid, who see also the advantages of this concept.

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